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Our Staff

Dan Tenorio - Founder/Owner

Dan is relatively new to the automotive industry but has already filled up an impressive resume. In just over 3 years in the industry, Dan has accomplished the title of ASE Certified technician, and has studied at the Advanced Automotive Technology Center at Cuyahoga Community College. 

Dan loves the complex challenges that come with working on modern cars, and specializes in German and Japanese models.

When not working on cars, Dan loves producing electronic music, reading, and is a die hard Formula 1 fan. 

Kenny Manelski - Founder/Owner

Kenny has over 17 years experience in the automotive industry. As a kid, he tinkered with any engine he could get his hands on and grew up around cars from the 60's and 70's. He feels right at home under the hood of a classic Mustang or Chrysler, but is equally proficient at fixing the most modern of cars. 

In his free time, Kenny enjoys going to classic car meets, baking homemade pastries, and cheering on Ferrari in the Formula 1 World Championship.

Mackie Tenorio - Founder/Financial Manager

Mackie is the financial brains of the whole operation. She knows the ins and outs of accounting, office management, and business optimization. She knows how to run a tight ship and makes sure all aspects of the business are looking good. Don't be surprised if you occasionally find her under the hood of a car too!

Mackie also works for progressive insurance.

When she's not working at KDM Automotive, Mackie loves watching Grey's Anatomy, listening to Cardi B, and enjoying the outdoors.